Truth time: when I first started photography, I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I loved it. I knew I loved the way I felt when I was creating and I knew I loved the way I made others feel capturing precious memories and milestones. 

Education is crucial when you are starting your business, when you are growing your business, and when you are simply running your business. I was nervous to make a financial investment into educating myself for my business because I didn't have a clear expectation of what it meant to educate myself to grow my business. I took a leap of faith and invested in Anchor and Veil's Workshop and Complete Wedding Masterclass. This investment in education for my business was a catalyst for the growth and expansion of The Ten Oh Eight Co.

Education and Mentorship

For Photographers

"Build an army that builds your business."

-Anchor & Veil

It has always been my Ten Oh Eight goal to expand beyond photography and invest in someone the way others invested in me. Through my mentorships, I want to establish a creative community for you, an army of skills, fundamental education, key resources, tools, and friendship that cultivates your every need and goal for your business. Ten Oh Eight is honored to educate others and pour into the lives of like-minded goal-oriented humans, just as others have poured into our team. Magic happens when we learn from one another. 

Mentorships start at $350





+ Booked 4 Weddings 
+ Shot 63 Free Sessions

+ Booked 21 Weddings

+ Booked 40+ Weddings

+ 100 EVENTS!!!
50+Weddings Booked for our Ten Oh Eight + 50+ Weddings Booked for our School House Venue!!! 

+ Invested in Anchor and Veil Workshop and Education Program 

+ Purchased a School House with my fiance, Sean, to create a one-stop-shop venue for 2020!

+ Grew our Ten Oh Eight Family: we hired a team of photographers, videographers, and beauty artists.

+ Erin and Sean got married at the school house in July!

+ The School House Venue Grand Opening (August 1)

+ Booked 150+ lifestyle sessions

I. Coffee Date
Coffee is my love language. We can connect over coffee and/or facetime to talk through your photography business. This time can be used to talk through editing techniques, gear knowledge, social media, website, client experience, business management goals, etc. We will make sure that this time is used to work together, set goals, and make the biggest impact on your photography business. 

1 hr | $350

II. Portfolio + Content Session
Often, these portfolio sessions are used for creative direction and inspiration! We will collaborate together to organize a session that is going to inspire you, encourage you to try new things, and shoot together in tandem for the best learning experience. This session will be a hands-on experience with the opportunity to focus on your current strengths and grow in areas that you want to learn more about! After the session, we will do a deep dive into "grows and glows" moving forward for your business. 

1.5 hrs | $475 

III. Collaboration Experience
We will do both experiences: coffee date + our portfolio session!
We will meet before the portfolio/content session to work through your business goals and questions, talk through editing techniques, gear knowledge, social media, website, client experience, business goals, etc. and afterwards, we will head to our content session to create something inspiring together! This mentorship option is a more in-depth experience where we will spend approximately 1.5 hours to dive into your business + questions, 1 hour to shoot the content session together, and 30 mins to debrief on what you just learned and how to maximize on these tools moving forward! 

3 hrs | $600

*If something is missing that you want to learn, in addition to the options above, reach out to us and we can customize an experience for you!

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